Dungeness and Shingle

Feb 29, 2020 | Inspiration, Linocut, Photography, Uncategorized

A month ago, I took myself to stay for the weekend at Dungeness. After arriving in darkness I didn’t know what to expect when I woke up! Staying on the border of the nature reserve meant I didn’t have to travel and could spend the most amount of daylight time in this curious place.

I gladly didn’t use the car all day and I tell you walking on shingle takes it out of you!!!! The weather gave me challenges. It started off with a blanket of light grey which went straight to blue sky with no cloud definition. I’d not been in an area like that before not even the big landscapes in Norfolk were like this. Some of the photographs taken were for reference for linocuts I thought would work. There are two very different lighthouses, interesting angled buildings, boats and of course shingle. They all created great shapes, framing and have good texture.

At the tip of the spit there is Dungeness Open Studios, a series of huts with a variety of art, which I wandered around. Dungeness Gallery was very welcoming with artist Helen and a voice coming from the back of photographer Chris, who just so happened to be on Countryfile the following evening! Talking to people with local knowledge adds to my experience of places and will affect if I will return to a certain area. This area intrigues me and I will return and stay in the same place or further into Dungeness.


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