April 2020

Apr 26, 2020 | Moments, Photography, Uncategorized

Well that wasn’t what I had planned for this month – was it what anyone had planned?

Change of Focus

Covid-19 lockdown happened with a lot of knock-on effects. My exhibition at East Lodge in Leamington Spa was unfortunately cancelled. Frames are still in the box and images remain unprinted. Priorities changed at home with the life balance totally changed. Thankfully we have stayed safe and well albeit a little stir crazy!

I had to find something to keep myself motivated. I decided as I couldn’t have a physical exhibition I would set myself the challenge of going through my photography back catalogue. Each day in April I would choose a previously unedited photograph, edit it and post it on Instagram and Facebook. I only went back a few years mainly because I knew where those images were. I have created my own layout for images on Instagram so I ended up having themes (sometimes a bit obscure) for every 3 photographs. Most people may not see the connections but it gave me a train of thought to follow. Some have already made it onto blank greetings cards available through my shop on Etsy.

The response has been great, and it’s been interesting to see what the favourites were. People who haven’t liked or commented directly on the posts have personally spoken to me saying how much they have enjoyed seeing a different one of my images each day. I have now got a selection of photographs that wouldn’t have been in the exhibition that perhaps will be when it eventually happens. As I write this there is only a few days left in April, and I think I know what theme I’ll go for for the last three posts.

What Next?

Who knows what I’ll do to make myself get out of bed in May. My thoughts are tending towards making a book with these images, now whether to use my own bookbinding skills and create my own, or use an online company?

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  1. Stephen Walton

    A book next, Kay!  You have created a very strong portfolio of beautiful images and  the book should also be one of your own hand-made fine art books.  So good to follow your  photographic and creative journey!


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