Warwickshire Open Studios – Countdown Commences

Apr 3, 2021 | Creating, Moments

19th June 2021 – 11 weeks to go

Decision taken and choices made, now for action!!! Sarah and I have decided to show our artwork together in Stockton as part of Warwickshire Open Studios. We’ve chosen when we want to open, what our name and icon will be and the hardest bit (for me) the categories for the venue!!

If you have seen any of my Instagram or Facebook photographs you may know that I have a stunning view from the front of my house, apart from that I have a small back garden which contains my studio/wendy house and a small patch to the side. The small patch hadn’t been dealt with as yet as I have not been able to spend time on the other side of the gate for longer than mowing the grass. So we have decided to put GLORIOUS GARDEN !!!! The digging has commenced and over the weeks I will be showing you what I (with help from Sarah and anyone else who wants to join in) have managed to achieve.

A couple of weeks ago I started to remove turf and a very kind neighbour (thanks David) came across and helped. Clay is not the friendliest of soil types to dig and break up. I am now booking enough slots at the recycling centre so the bags can go from my drive. Bags of soil improver has been mixed in and and grasses planted which I have taken from my back garden pots, my parent’s garden and the bargains I got from Bridge Nursery, Napton last year.

What’s next?

Sarah and I have been to the garden centre and I will keep those shrubs alive until they can be planted by the side patch wall. My back garden has mainly herbaceous perennials in its borders with a plethora of pots, which need sorting. Large daises do well in my border but they will have to be taken in hand to make room for my favourites, poppies. Luckily for me my parent have a well stocked garden and similar soil. So a few of their plants have been split and will take up residence in my garden.


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