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'Don't judge a book by its cover'

But if I hadn't have noticed book covers then I wouldn't have discovered printmaking. I do own some books because of their covers! I started by being captivated by the work of Angie Lewin and Carry Ackroyd and it opened up a new world for me. Now I go round shops admiring the packaging, record sleeves and posters.

I can't remember how I discovered Alexandra Buckle - but I noticed her linocuts of places I regularly visited and subsequently visited her at Buckinghamshire's Open Studios. Through the powers of Facebook I discovered she was doing a linocut workshop during the day which I could manage to get to - I was then hooked.

My linocuts are mainly reduction ones which involves gradually destroying the lino block until the final layer. They are based on my own photographs.

I visit exhibitions by various printmakers all over the country, it's a great excuse to travel and see places.

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